Opposition Does Not Understand The Facts



In reply to both letters published in the July 15 edition of the Roundup by two individuals stating their case against the buy out of Brooke Utilities by PSWID, I would likeo start by repeating a simple, but accurate, commenthich I believeretty much makes an undeniableoint about understanding a particular point of view, or not, and it goes like this: "For those who understand, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not understand, no explanation is possible."
In that regard, I sincerely believe that those opposed to the buy out of Brooke Utilitiesy PSWID (andherefore the communities of Pine and Strawberry) are not understanding the facts of life as far as the need to maken investment in our future as communities,or do theynderstand that individualsho are willing to investoney out of their own pockets in an attempt torovide what Brooke Utilities cannot provide,re not the bad guys.
True, Ray Pugel, and his partners, now own a terrific well, and, they intend to develop that well for their benefit.n my mind, allss it should be. I also believe thathey are not, and cannot, be compelled to share a single drop of it with our communities unless they choose to, and I further believe that they should not be condemned if they choose not to.

You and I work for our living (well, at least I do) and no one tells me how to spend my money, nor what to invest in, or not, and if the same applies to you, theny what right do you, and otherolks up here,ondemn them for theirlan to develop their land with their water?

They did not spend a dime of your money to explore for the best well site (as did PSWID) or to drill that well (which PSWID almost did) and,hilehey had excellent advice from an outstanding hydrologist who directed the drilling operation, they also had a real risk of coming up dry, and losing their money as result. They took that risk, and they wereuccessful. How does that make any of them bad guy?

I wonder, would you feel the same if it was your well, or yourand that you were trying to develop?
Whether or not Ray Pugel andis partners choose to sellater to Brooke Utilities,s their business, noty business, or yours either, because,t is THEIRater.

I believe that Ray Pugel has legitimate disdainorrooke Utilities (as do I, and many others in this community) and Io not blame him for not wanting to provide water to a company that has failedo servehe best interests of the communities they control byiding behind a monopolyask we jokingly call a "CC&N"nd which theyaveot been thus far held accountable to honor.

So, tohose who support the ACChom we entrustith theuty to look out for us by virtue ofrate control" over Brooke Utilities, and who haveot donehe jobe pay them to do, I say this:f you cannotet behind the movement to improve our water supply the only wayt will ever be improved, then you are welcome toemand that the ACC force Brooke Utilities to do theob they agreed to do when theyigned the CC&N thathe rest of us are forced to live with, like it or not.
Whenou finally see the light, feel free to give Mr. Pugel a call and apologize for your previous lack of good senselongith your apology for your unkind and otherwise hateful remarks. Ray is a fair man, and I am sure he will accept your sincere apology.

Jim Estess


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