At The Movies - Mamma Mia

Take a chance on this movie


I don't know if it is because Meryl Streep has so many fans, or ABBA does, or maybe it's musicals. Whatever the reason, the Sawmill Theatre playing "Mamma Mia!" was nearly filled to capacity at the first matinee on Saturday. And most of the audience was female -- there were probably only a dozen men in the crowd.

But I think everyone of them had a good time. I certainly did and so did the rest of the audience. I will go see it at least once more and probably buy the CD when it is released.

I had no idea Streep could sing. She can. So can her female co-stars. Not so much the men, except, surprisingly Colin Firth -- though admittedly the sample we get of his voice is pretty minute in the whole scope of the movie.

But with ABBA music, hardly anybody can go wrong.

And the music is wonderful, especially "Mamma Mia," "Dancing Queen" and "Take a Chance on Me" -- and don't leave the theater when the credits start to roll or you will miss the most hilarious part of the movie. Watch closely too -- you will get a glimpse of the geniuses that are ABBA.

In fact, watch the whole movie closely, even without actors, action, dialog and music the scenery is a treat.

The story line has been done in any number of ways, but it is a good frame for the music, which is what the movie is really all about. A young woman, raised by her single mother, is about to marry. She has found her mother's diary and discovered one of three men could be her father -- one was the great love of her mother's life, the other two essentially rebound flings.

She secretly invites all of them to her wedding, believing she will know her father when she meets him. She has no clue, but eventually each believes he is her father and steps up to give her away.

This is a perfect summer movie, mindless, beautiful, entertaining. Take a chance and go see it for yourself, but leave your children at home because of adult themes.

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