Protect Pets From Monsoon Terror


Just imagine, you're out in the yard. Everyone else has left for work and you're home alone. It's been terribly hot and muggy all day, and you really just want a cool place to "chill."

All of a sudden, an awful noise explodes into the atmosphere! You look everywhere, but can't see the cause of the terrifying sound. The horrible, frightening sound shakes the very ground you're standing on -- again and again.

You run to every corner of the yard looking for a safe place. You run to the door to try to get in the house, but find you're locked out. You have no way of knowing if your family is safe or even where they are.

So you decide to run for your life. You run and run until at last the frightening sound stops. That's when you look around and find you're lost. You have no idea of how far you've gone or even in which direction. Now what?

What a scary situation. This is the situation that many family dogs find themselves in every afternoon during monsoon season.

If your dog is frightened by thunder, it's very important that you take every measure necessary to protect him. Whatever is required, it is each of our responsibilities as pet owners to step up to the situation.

Many dogs just need a crate or dog house to get in. Some find comfort in a small room or closet in the house. Some will need a comforting hand. Some even need medication to be safe. This can be found at your vet's office, or a homeopathic formula is available at most places where natural foods and supplements for pets are sold.

The worst case scenario is your dog becomes so lost he never makes his way back home, or is hit by a car. The best hope at this point is that some kind person picks him up and brings him to Payson Humane Society. We receive several dogs each monsoon season. We recommend a micro-chip for identification, just in case. And, of course, a collar and tag with your information is good, too, but can become lost.

If we can help you with ideas on how to keep your pet safe during monsoon or any season, give us a call at (928) 474-5590. Or if you're looking for a furry family member, please come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road or look us up on the Web at or at


This handsome young man was found playing in the water at the Water Wheel on Houston Mesa Road. Since he never was micro-chipped and hadn't been wearing the proper tags, we were unable to notify his owners. They never thought to call us either. We estimate him to be 2 years old and in good health. He's a happy boy and seems to listen well. His short, white and brown speckled coat is very soft and will need moderate grooming but, most of all, he'll need an active family who also can provide training and love. Come in to meet him soon.


This very sweet ball-chasing silly guy was picked up as a stray on Flowing Springs Road on July 11. He had no proper identification or micro-chipping. He seems to have been well cared for and knows basic commands. He walks great on a leash and loves to carry a tennis ball in his mouth. He is approximately 2 years old, golden red in color and ready for a new loving, safe home which will provide him training, love and exercise. Will that be at your house?


Poor Huskers is about 4 years old and was brought to us by his owners because they were moving and unable to take himlong.ccording to his owners, he does well with kids and some other dogs but, like a lot of dogs, he doesn't do well with cats. He is very skittish upon first meeting, but after warming up to you, he becomes very trusting and loyal. His adopters must have patience with him on this issue. He will also need adequate exercise and a nice, safe place to lay his head at night. Please come let him know you're thinking about him.


What a cutie pie this young man is! He was turned over by his owner with his mother Trinity because according to his owners, they kept escaping the yard. He is about 13 months old and has a very unique, smooth dark chocolate coloring. He is very shy and needs help with this issue, but otherwise seems to be ready for a new, loving home. With a safe, secure fencing system, training and lots of love, we feel this sweet young man will make a fine, outstanding doggie citizen. Come introduce yourself to him today!


This sweet but shy girl was turned over by her owner with her son Samson because, according to her owners, they kept escaping the yard. She is about 2 years old and has a very unique, smooth dark chocolate coloring. Since she is kind of shy, her adopter will need to be willing to help her overcome this simple obstacle. She will need aafe, secure fencing system, training and lots of affection in order to become a fine, outstanding doggie resident. Come and meet her today!


Baby Girl was brought in as a stray. Since wead micro-chipped her in the past, we were able to contact her owners,ut they didn't return our calls. We have now placed Baby Girl up for adoption. She is approximately 4 years old with a great temperament and personality. However, she does not like cats. Her smooth, red coat will need brushing throughout the seasons to help keep her pretty. Although she is a very happy, friendly girl, she will need the proper training, exercise and environment to keep her balanced. A home check will also be necessary. Please consider bringing in your current dog to meet her first.

Wine tasting update

Payson Humane Society wishes to offer a heartfelt thank you to the attendees of the first of the series of three wine tasting events held Saturday, July 19. e hope everyone enjoyedhemselves. We would also like to thank Gerry Cruz of Main Street Grille and Noble Collins of The Beverage Place for their kindness, generosity and expertise. We look forward to the next event which will be held Aug. 30.We will have tickets for the next series of wine tasting events in the near future. Watch for details.

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