Storm Causes Creek To Overflow, Knocks Down Trees


Monday night's storm brought a lot of rain in a short period of time.

Christopher Creek once again was overflowing. John Zaleska who lives right at the car wash and has a deck that is some 20 feet from the water, had water all the way to the top and on his deck. Debris was left all over the floor of his deck.


Dan Boetther assesses the damage on Linda Atkins' property after the storm that hit Christopher Creek Monday night.

Columbine Road, down by the car wash, looked like a sandy beach when all was done, and it managed to wash the road out.

Many residents along the creek had water on their property and even in their homes.

Linda Atkins, who lives on Columbine Road, had a real mess to clean up on her property.

When we arrived, they were trying to wrench out a trailer that got stuck in all the mud that came up from the creek bed. Jack Kalmar, Phyliss Agnew, Eillen Kittock, Ken Dawson and Dan Boetther, along with Linda, were all trying to clean up all the mud, and retrieve all the vehicles that got covered. Linda said she even had a trout lying in the yard. It looks like she did not need a fishing pole and some power bait for that one.

It looked like Linda got the worst of the storm.

As we continued down on Apple Lane it looked like some trees got wedged in along the creek and caused the flooding. Down at the end of Apple Lane there were some really big broken trees down.

Now comes the clean up and it looks like the creek is going to need to be cleaned of all the debris before the next storm.

Birthday wishes

Rebecca Jones will be adding another candle to her cake on July 29 as will Duey Malmin of Hunter Creek.

Scotty VanEckhoutte and Steve Sundra of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department will both celebrate birthdays on July 30.

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