Rush Of Water Washes Over Christopher Creek Area


Christopher Creek experienced flooding Monday, in what residents are saying is the worst in 40 years.

The creek began to overflow its banks around 6 p.m., two hours after it began storming.


Kevin Mystrom, foreground, and Terry Diehl dig out the debris from a retaining wall behind Peggy Milburn's home because of the recent high runoff from Christopher Creek. They estimated it would be three or four days before their work would be finished.

"We received two inches of water in 40 minutes," said Christopher Kohl's Fire Chief Electra VanEckhoutte.

The quick downpour caused the creek to spill over its banks in three reported places, overflow the bridge at Christopher Creek Loop, near Highway 260, and closed multiple roads until debris could be removed by road crews, VanEckhoutte said.

Visitors at the Christopher Creek Lodge were moved from cabins near the creek into rooms at the inn, said owner Jason Harris.

The cabins are 20 feet from the creek and had water up to the decks. He does not know if any of the cabins were damaged.

It is not unusual for the creek to fill when it rains, Harris said. "But this was extraordinary."

"It was crazy, the creek was completely full," Harris said. Huge trees were broken and bobbing in the water like bobbers.

Manager Frank Cayton said he watched trees, boulders and parts of sheds come down the creek. "It was the strongest force I had ever seen," Cayton said.

A trailer near the edge of the lodge's property had the windows blown out and trees and debris wrapped around it, Cayton said.

"I have been told there is a boulder in the creek as big as a Volkswagen that was not there before," Harris said.

The fire department did not evacuate anyone and no structures were reported damaged, VanEckhoutte said. Residents' yards were damaged as the creek made new routes across properties.

VanEckhoutte said this is the worst flooding she has seen in the eight years she has lived in Christopher Creek.

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