Star Valley General Plan Nearly Ready For Review


After almost two years of work by residents, council members and a planning agency a draft of the general plan for Star Valley is up for review.

The General Plan Community Planning Team will analysis the master plan at 6 p.m. on July 28 at the Town Hall, 3632 E. Highway 260. Aug 12.

The plan has been in the works as data was collected and analyzed by the Central Arizona Association of Governments and a community planning team of 10 Star Valley residents. Peter Armenta, project manager, said the process of building a general plan began with taking an inventory of the community, which was "partially difficult because there is not a lot of information to start with."

Information on the town was pulled together and a mission and vision was created.

The members decided they would like to keep the rural atmosphere but some development is OK, Armenta said.

"The plan reflects the community input very well," he said.

After Monday's meeting the plan will go to the first of two public hearings, the first slated for Aug. 12, with a 60-day public review starting Aug. 18.

The general plan approval by the town council is scheduled for Nov. 4.

The state requires all incorporated communities with more than 2,500 residents to adopt a general plan. The plan represents what the town will follow for the next 20 years.

The current population of Star Valley is 1,974, but the town elected to create a plan before they were required to.

"Not very many cities have chosen to create a plan ahead of time," Armenta said.

Some highlights from the plan include:

  • Protect the environment and promote environmental stewardship
  • Retain the small town atmosphere and feel
  • Land use planning should reflect water sustainability
  • Keep land use to low density residential
  • See more commercial use on Highway 260
  • Industrial use on the highways is undesirable
  • Improve transit between Payson and Star Valley
  • Create trails for off-highway use, ATV trails
  • Complete new streets and stabilize roads
  • Help clean out forests and brush to minimize forest fire risk
  • Develop parks near the center of town
  • Develop health and office facilities

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