Town Land Wanted For Business



Attn: Town Council

I want to express my thanks to the YMCA who has made it possible to place private business on Payson town park land. This will make it so much easier for me, a private citizen, to start a business.

I would like to take a portion of the small dog park where I will place a singlewide mobile home. I will open a nice dog grooming business. I know that the small side of the dog park is not used very much, so it will be an ideal spot for my business.

However, I will only groom three dogs per day and none on the weekend as I don't want to make it convenient for my patrons. Oh yes, I will charge $100 per grooming whether I do a great job or not. And, I promise not to cut down any trees in placing my business in the park. I might chop a few branches off for firewood in my fire pit, but I'll leave the basic tree. I'm sure with all the trees cut down over at the YMCA location, the dog park will need every tree it can get.

If I put other local dog groomers out of business, why that's OK. It's a Payson tradition. And if I go out of business, then Payson will have a nice mobile home to use as it sees fit. I hope the town council will quickly approve my business so I can get started really fast to "junk up" the small dog park.

Lucy Briggs

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