No Charges Filed In Drowning Of Puppies


A 57-year-old Star Valley man arrested in early June for drowning seven puppies will not face charges of animal cruelty.

Dwaine Ellsworth Ulery, was arrested June 7 on animal cruelty after admitting to Animal Control Officer Don Tanner that he had drowned the two-week-old puppies in his bathtub.

Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores said although, "the drowning of the puppies was a disgusting act and to any person who loves animals, abhorrent," she does not believe Ulery could be convicted of a felony offense and so Flores will not charge him.

"There was no indication in this matter that the puppies were subjected to protracted suffering or otherwise tortured," Flores said.

The law for animal cruelty states it is a felony offense if the person, "tortured or inflicted unnecessary serious physical injury upon an animal or to kill an animal in a manner that causes protracted suffering to the animal."

Flores said in trial a plausible defense would be offered that this is a common and quick means to kill unwanted animals.

"I would prefer that any unwanted animals be given to the shelter or other facility," she said.

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