Changing River's Course Should Not Be Allowed



I am in utter disbelief and appalled that an unauthorized person, with no permits, can go into a natural river with a backhoe to dredge out tons of rocks and boulders for his own personal use, not only once, but three times.

How can anyone be allowed to disrupt or alter the flow of a public waterway in a national forest, such as this river? Not one government agency contacted would intervene to stop this destruction, claiming they had no jurisdiction. How is this possible?

Yes, property owners with river frontages have the right to use their properties as they choose; but, should they be allowed to change the course of a public river, which also resulted in severe problems to his neighbors' properties, costing them thousands of dollars to repair the damage? Who knows what the long-term effects will be to the river as a result of this devastation?

I absolutely refuse to believe that anyone has the right to indiscriminately enter a natural river with machinery to do as they please, with no accountability or consequences whatsoever from any government agency.

This unconscionable and selfish act is reprehensible, and someone of authority needs to take action to prevent this from recurring, in order to ensure that nature is left intact for everyone to enjoy.

Shame on him, and shame on those official agencies that wouldn't stop him.

Hariann Pfeifer

Rim Trail

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