How Did We Get In This Mess?



It's been a long time (since I have written) a letter, but I am so mad at my government and the American attitude, I just had to let you know how I feel. When we went to war, I was opposed to it, but we went and we are there now, let's win. Where was the call to arms for the people back home to start sacrificing? There was none, and we are so good at that.

Now we went through a grueling primary and, yes, I wanted to vote for the first woman to run for president, (but) she didn't win. Now I am tired of the winner, Obama, saying, "Yes, I said that, but now I want you to know the truth." My dad always said, "I can't stand a liar," since you never know where they stand on anything. It's like putting your finger to the wind and going in that direction.

Since the news media has already crowned Obama the winner, and we sit around doing nothing, we will let the press know in the future it's up to them to elect our presidents, senators and congressmen. Jack and I have always been political, but this is such a sham.

How did we ever get into this mess? I won't be around to have to put up with the consequences, but I wish you all well.
Ann Sheahan

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