Star Valley Council Will Be Asked To Delay Plan Review


The Star Valley General Plan Community Planning Team decided Monday night to recommend the council delay adopting the General Plan until an independent water survey is completed sometime next month.

The general plan was scheduled to be completed and up for review by the public in August. If the council approves the delay, the plan would not be approved until December instead of Nov. 4 as originally scheduled.

The team went through the 60-page general plan without incident until it hit the water resources chapter.

In that chapter, water use data from a Clear Creek Associates study estimates the assumed usage per person per day is 100 gallons. However, 2003 data for the Tonto Basin area, from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), estimates that a resident uses 240 gallons per day per household.

Peter Armenta, project manger, averaged the two assumptions and estimated the average usage at 200 gallons per day.

Planning members thought this estimate was too high and based on numerous assumptions and decided that until LFR, Inc. completes a water sustainability study, they could not approve the chapter.

The LFR study will evaluate the Clear Creek Associates estimates "on the volume of water storage in the area, but provide discussion and recommendations on the aquifer's ability to sustain growth in Star Valley."

One planning member said, "This is the start of a long and arduous process with water."

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