Teens Tube Christopher Creek


A couple of weeks ago, Christopher Creek was getting one of its afternoon monsoons.

What made this one different is the rain just kept on coming, and before you knew it, the creek was running at a very fast pace. Now, I have heard of people tubing the Salt River, but never tubing Christopher Creek.

These brave young souls decided to do something no one has ever done. And so the adventure begins. Thirteen-year-old Daniel Ronn and 13-year-old Louie Thomas tube their way down Christopher Creek during a raging monsoon and Andrew Navarro, also 13 years old, not pictured but was just as involved in this adventure. Daniel Ronn's mom, Susan panicked as she realized they were going to actually move more than 20 feet.

Susan jumped in the Ranger and headed down Apple Lane going from yard to yard looking for the fast tubers. It finally hit her that these guys could actually make it to the car wash.

That's when every mom's fear steps in, and she questions herself if she should have allowed this adventure in the first place.

What makes it interesting is that these adventurers were not using your ordinary inner tube that you would normally tube on, but a blow up plastic ring that would go in your swimming pool. Can you believe it actually worked? Well, Susan never thought it would and that's why she allowed it in the first place. She thought they would only go about 10 feet and give up.

Thanks go out to Stan and Marlys Szczepanski and Mrs. Bethancourt as unbeknownst to them that Susan went through their yards looking for the boys and they made their way down the creek panicking that they might cut themselves or hit their heads on a rock. Neither happened and all ended well, except for some very cold and mud-covered guys who, by the way, did make it to the car wash safe and sound.

Mom got there as fast as she could with some dry towels. Karl Magel, who just recently moved to Christopher Creek with his wife Mary and two sons, took the pictures. Karl and his family are no strangers to Christopher Creek, for they are friends of the Ronn family and have been staying here for many years when they decided they would love to own a home here.

It just so happened that Karl was taking pictures of the creek when the boys went floating by and got some really good takes on this adventure, but something tells me that I am not going to see his boys doing this anytime soon.

Well, all ended well and the tubers ended up at home in the hot tub warming up after the adventure. Susan said it took several days to clear up all the mud in the hot tub. The circumstances were perfect for this tubing adventure. The water was not too high, the boulders were not running, and it was between major rains, and the rapids, per se, were running swift enough to carry them. The boys were very brave and entertaining and they created a memory that will never be forgotten. A first for Christopher Creek I am sure.

Birthdays and Firebelles

Jenny Cronk will be adding another candle to her cake on Aug. 3, and Diane Ruman will be celebrating her birthday on Aug. 5. Wishing both of you a happy birthday.

The next no-host lunch for the Firebelles is scheduled for Aug. 4 at the Double D Restaurant in Tonto Village.

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