Don't Get Sick In Payson



It is the doctors' fault or their staff? Do the doctors even know what is going on?

Maybe the national medical association should limit the number of patients the doctors are allowed so each and every one of their patients gets taken care of. God help you if you're on Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid or AHCCCS!

May God help you if you're dealing with a terminal illness and need to see the doctor. You are at the mercy of their staff.

For example, an office manager at a local doctor's office, instead of calling a patient to see what's wrong, she denies care on the basis of another employee's assessment. Another example, lets take a doctor's assistant, who continuously over months and months has failed in her job to call in prescriptions, make appointments, follow up on tests or even be courteous. She dresses inappropriately with black fingernails and looks more like she is going out for a night on the town than a medical assistant. She calls the patients, "honey" or "sweetie" or is just plain rude and misrepresents a patient to the office manager. How professional is that?

Health care has taken a back seat to the patient welfare. It's all about the money the doctor is getting instead of the patient's needs. An ex-employee was told "not to turn any new patient away". What does that tell you?

Please look for more excerpts on this subject in the local newspapers in Phoenix and Payson.

Check with the Arizona Medical Association and the Better Business Bureau concerning your doctor's reputation. Protect yourselves.

Theresa M. Schultz

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