Need To Focus On The Deeper Meaning Of Memorial Day



In response to David Corrasa's acrimonious public spanking of a lady who wore a shirt decorated with peace symbols to the Memorial Day event in Green Valley Park, I ask these questions:

Why should he jump to the conclusion that she was "dishonoring" veterans rather than celebrating the peace we have all enjoyed as a result of their heroic sacrifices?

How much "freedom" do we actually enjoy if our choice of clothing can provoke such spurious accusations and public shaming in the press? Is diversity not a welcome aspect of freedom and democracy? Surely a mature understanding and acceptance of one's own freedom (and attendant responsibility) allows another to express his/her freedom without such prejudice?

How much wisdom is manifested by this particular veteran who would denounce another human being merely because he disapproved of her shirt, without knowing anything about her, her personal history, spiritual or political beliefs?

When did we become a nation looking to be offended at every turn? If the t-shirt of one person can mar the experience of several hundred participating in an event they claim to hold sacred, what does that say of the depth of their experience? Then, perhaps, Mr. Corrasa speaks only for himself.

When did peace and the public support of peace become un-patriotic and/or dishonorable? Is the purpose of war to engage in perpetual war, or is its purpose to defend the freedom to live in and celebrate peace?

My partner (who is a veteran) and I enjoyed the Memorial Day ceremonies and chose to focus on the deeper meaning present.

Louise Vincent

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