Shane Owens Was A Good Person



I just wanted the people of Payson to know how saddened we are of the sudden death of Shane Owens.

We are from Blanding, Utah. Shane went to high school here for a few years. He never really left, he would still comeack very often to visit friends. From the first time I met Shane, he made me laugh. He's one person that was hard not to like. Everybody liked him, no matter where you were or who you were with, if you saw Shane coming, you always knew he was going to makeou laugh.

He was always so thoughtful and willing to help in any way he could. Always a wave or a smile. Thats the Shane I will always remember. He was a good person who will always be remembered.

It is hard to find people in this world today that arehe full package like Shane was. We will miss you and never forget you. Our thoughts and prayer go out to his family.

Tiffanie and Ross Hurst

Blanding, Utah

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