Big Game Applications For Deer, Sheep, Turkey Are Due June 10


It's that time of year again when big game applications are due for deer, sheep and turkey for the state of Arizona.The deadline is June 10, received in the maineadquarters by mail or hand-delivered to one of the district offices by 7 p.m. on the same day.

It is not too late to pick up a booklet and fill out an application if you are interested in hunting deer with a rifle or muzzleloader.

Don't be like my friend, Norm Langeliers, and have the paperwork, but forget to fill it out until a day after the deadline. For an avid hunter, this is pure agony.

A new change by the game and fish commission has made a few archery units now subject to the lottery, which means no over-thecounter tags for the Kaibab area north of the Grand Canyon. This change was made to reduce the number of hunters in those very popular hunts on the north rim.The deer herds in this area areery healthy, and the chance of taking a Pope and Young record book buck is a very real possibility.o doubt this new regulation will requireeer hunters to make a decision early on the type of firearm as well as a unit of choice for a fall hunt.

If you haven't put your applicationn the mail by today, Friday, then it would be best to hand-deliver the form to one of the regional offices, where a drop box will be available. The Mesa office is the closest to Payson and is located at 7200 E. University Drive,hile the Flagstaff office is on Lake Mary Road and is an extra 20 minutes of driving time.

I would highly recommend to spend a little time studying the drawing odds and hunter success page before making that important decision on the unit in whichou want to apply. little homework will go a long way on increasing your oddsn huntingeer this fall, and maybe placing that tag on a real wallhanger.

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