Corn For Fuel



Senator McCain has a big problem; he is trying to burn his candle at both ends by playing Democrat and Republican at the same time. His support of man-made global warming and supporting Kyoto is just out of this world. If he follows the Democrats agenda it will only lead us into a more severe recession or maybe even into a depression.

He has chosen an ex-CEO from Hewlett Packard as his financial adviser. It should be noted that this woman led HP down a rather distinctive path, which led to her being ousted as the CEO.

McCain is very reluctant to drilling ANWR on offshore area which contains about 80 percent of our oil and gas reserves, it is deplorable and is just another indication of McCain's lack of knowledge concerning our real energy problem. He just does not realize that Congress and the enviro / wackos are not the solution to our energy situation, they are the problem, which makes McCain part of that problem along with Obama and Hillary.

Our food crisis is just the beginning. The corn planting season in the Midwest is just about overdue because of excessive rain and planting time. This will result into a possible severe corn shortage.

The question remains, will there be enough corn to produce ethanol and feed the people at the same time. This could be the first test, do we use corn for fuel or food? Congress will have to decide, that's what really scares me is when they consider a few carioca in ANWR over the needs of people.

Ed Welge

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