Evacuation Plan Needed For Your Pets In Case Of Fire


Well, the weather is warming up and the wind has blown mercilessly with almost no rain. This means fire season is here.

We all hope to not be directly affected by a fire. But, where we live, we need to be prepared just in case. Not only do we need to have ourselves ready for an evacuation, we need to have our pets ready also.

If you're at home when the evacuation is called, you know everything your pet will need. But, as we learned from the Rodeo-Chediskifire, if you're not home, someone else will be looking to see if you have pets. This is especially true if you live somewhere out in the woods.

At the shelter, we have a sticker for your front window that will notify emergency personnel that you have animals. You will need to have an information package on hand for such an emergency. This package should contain a list of each animal you have and a description or, better yet, a photo of the animal.

Also included should be notification of any medications or physical disabilities your pet may have. For instance, I have two blind dogs and one ancient, somewhat senile dog. So, if someone else is collecting these dogs during an evacuation, they need to know these pets can be easily disoriented.

A proof of a rabies vaccinations also good to have on hand, as well as information on how to contact you or an alternate person to contact who may know where you are.

It's a good idea to have a pet taxi for each of your animals that can be easily located by the emergency personnel. Remember, these people will be racing time, and anything you can do to make this process run smoothly will make it much easier to save your pet's life.

Even if you are home, you too will be in a rush, so being prepared is a good idea. Let's all be ready and hope we never have to use our evacuation plans.


Meet Lana! Our Lana is approximately 8-9 years old, spayed and very loving. She can and will jump a short fence, so a properly secure yard would be ideal. Since she was abused and kept outside a lot of her life, she has not quite been given the chance to learn house training. We have been told she is good with kids, but kind of leery of new dogs. In our eyes, she is a true gem waiting to be buffed and polished. Can you imagine how popular you'll be with this beauty by your side? No appraisals needed because we know she's worth it!


Woo Hoo, she's here! The famous Carolina the Bluetick Coonhound. Famous in our hearts is this gorgeous lady who we think to be about 2 years old. Spayed and current on shots, this very friendly brown- and blue-eyed lady is sniffin' her way around the play yard like an old coal-burning train. Toot, toot! She was found with her lady pal Gretchen, with whom she shares her kennel. They are quite the southern belles. Wanna come in to say "hi?" Please do!


Two-and-a-half-year-old Ace was brought in to us and never reclaimed by his owners. He is your typical, sweet, outgoing and smart Lab, ready for adventure. The Lab needs lots of mental and physical exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. Ace would be a great hunting, hiking or running companion. He will need some brushing up on his manners, but that's easy to accomplish with just a few simple steps. Come in and meet him. Being in the kennel is starting to take its toll on this poor guy.


Hi, my name is Andre, and I'm a fabulous, handsome and charming 2-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix. I was picked up with my friend Bruno after our supposed family dropped us off on the highway! Yeah, that's right -- they dumped us on the highway! But back to me again, I really am a good-looking guy. I walk on the leash like a gentleman, but could learn a few more basic training skills. My easy maintenance coat is a golden tan color that will need regular brushing. I sure hope you can come see me soon. It's getting pretty lonely these days! Merci beaucoup, Andre.


Bailey is approximately 3 years old, neutered and up-to-date on shots. He was picked up in Star Valley with his buddy Baron and was never claimed by his owners. This Lab mix has an easygoing, calm demeanor and loves to go for walks. When he sees the leash, he gets excited and starts informing you where he'd like to go (anywhere). Since he's past puppyhood, this guy would make an excellent walking, hiking, riding or just general companion. If you have room for two, Baron would love to come, too. They're great buddies. Come in to see for yourself.

To learn more about the pets listed today, you can come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road, call us at (928) 474-5590 or look us up online at www.paysonhumanesociety.com or www.petfinders .com or wwwinpayson.com.

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The PHS has just received a $10,000 grant to spay and neuter dogs for the general public. To participate in the grant, just come to the shelter at 812 S. McLane from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday (closed 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and pick up a voucher. donation toward the cost of surgery is requested.

For more information, call the shelter at (928) 474-5590.

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