Jim Oliver Named Fire District Administrator


More than 380 residents of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District are extremely happy after the Tuesday, June 3 county supervisors' meeting.

The county supervisors unanimously voted Jim Oliver in as administrator of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department. Many thanks go out to all the residents of the district that signed the petition to put Jim in as administrator.

An overwhelming 380 residents signed the petition, and felt that Jim was the person qualified for the job. Congratulations to Jim, who we feel confident will handle things till an election in November. Now is the time to put disruption and difference aside and make Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department even better than it already is.

Congratulations go out to Don Rhodes of Hunter Creek who was promoted to the medical director of Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department. Don works for Life Star and is a volunteer on our fire department.

The fire department is still looking for some new people. If you would like to join, stop by, I am sure they can find a position for you.

Fire restrictions

Fire restrictions are still in effect, and tickets are being issued, so be aware of the fire restrictions -- it is your responsibility to know what they are.

No open burning, no campfires and spark arrestors on gasoline engines just to name a few. Don't be fooled by the rain we had over Memorial Day.

If you walk through the forest, you will see how dry it is. The fuels lying on the ground throughout the forest crunch when you walk on them. One spark and it is a forest fire. Be very careful when outside. You can get your copy of restrictions from the fire department, and help with your concerns, or just stop in and say hello, they would like to meet you. Everyone is getting fire wise and cleaning up their communities.

Cleanup is June 7

Cleanup day is Saturday, June 7 in Hunter Creek, and there are a lot of busy workers out there.

My neighbor Andy Cowan's friend Eric was up cleaning his property this last weekend. It looks like you are going to owe him big time, Andy. He worked all day Saturday raking pine needles. Your entire sidewalk had a pile stacked three feet high with pine needles then he topped it off with and old tree.

I had to laugh when I walked outside and saw all of it. It looks like everyone is doing a good job cleaning his or her property. There is a meeting at 9 a.m. with three speakers.

Someone from Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department, Payson Fire Department and the Arizona Forest Department. Bring along a chair. The potluck starts at noon at the water tower on Elk Circle. Ladies, bring your favorite covered dish. Paper products, dessert and drinks will be provided. Clean your yards and leave your debris by the road and a crew of hardworking men will be around to pick it up.

Kids clean up the creek day

Saturday, June 7, meet at the walking bridge at 10 a.m. Come out and enjoy the day and give the kids a chance to clean up around Christopher Creek. There will be a hot dog and soda lunch after all their hard work. They need some adults to supervise.

Bible School starts

Vacation Bible School starts early this year at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. It is from 9 a.m. till noon, Monday, June 9 through Friday, June 13.

This years theme is "Dino Detectives -- Digging for God's Truth." This is always a fun time for the kids. It gives the parents a break and teaches the kids something good.

If you have children from ages 3 and up, call Teresa Purtee at (928) 478-4337. If you can bake cookies for the little ones, please call Rita Quay at (928) 478-4412; those little learners get really hungry by noon.

Vicki Grootegoed will be adding another candle to her cake on June 12. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Vicki.

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