Still Time To Air Feelings About Roundabout



(Recent articles give) the impression that the roundabout at Highway 87 and Airport Road/Airline Drive is a done deal.

(What the town council approved was an ADOT public meeting) at 6 p.m., Tuesday, June 10 in the council chambers to get (residents') input on the matter.

Several years ago, citizens of the area asked for a signal with crosswalks for the children crossing Highway 87 to attend Payson Elementary School, but the town asked for a roundabout. In my informal polling around the town these past months, I find that about 15 to 1 are against the roundabout and have all kinds of issues with the one by Home Depot. Newspapers, radio and blogs indicate this is a very divisive issue.

STAC Chair Tom Loeffler presented some compelling statistics to the council on May 1 citing the safety of roundabouts compared to signalized intersections. But since Highway 87 and Highway 260 are so heavily traveled by out-of-towners unfamiliar with how to yield, not to mention our own citizens who struggle to figure it out, why are we letting a few town people force them on to us? Will a roundabout (or series of roundabouts) really move travelers through town more quickly? Or will the many fender-benders cause even more traffic to back up?

How about the drivers making left turns from business driveways who will not have a break in the traffic like a signal would provide? Do you think little children will be able to cross 87 without a red light to stop the drivers trying to figure out what yield means?

The only good thing about the roundabout is that ADOT is going to give us a deal costing us only $390,000 plus landscaping whereas a signal would cost us more like $500,000. Since I am unable to attend the June 10 ADOT presentation, I am counting on all you citizens to go and voice your opinions so if we get a roundabout there, it will be because the majority of people want it and it is not just thrust upon us. Thanks for listening.

Shirley Dye

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