Father's Day, Flag Day Two Good Days To Remember


Sunday, June 15 is Father's Day. My friend Theresa and I were discussing what we could do for our husbands and we came up with a brunch on Sunday morning.

Then we asked what type and the choice was unanimously on a Mexican theme. What will you do for the father(s) in your life to show your appreciation for being a dad? I suggest something a bit special, but give him a choice on what he wants, even if it's only to relax and do nothing.


This young bear paid a visit to Tonto Village about 10 days ago. He went through the neighborhood turning over trash cans. He was spotted on a homeowner's porch looking through the window.

I miss my dad, even though his last years were not good years, he had Alzheimer's disease. That is such a pitiful disease, I hope that there will be a cure for it in the future.

Another holiday is on Saturday, June 14. It will be Flag Day and a good day to honor all veterans who have served our country. I urge you to fly your American flag and to say a small prayer for our armed forces who are in harm's way.

Lions and tigers and BEARS, oh my

The residents of the village were visited by a young bear who was having a great time looking for food by knocking over trash cans to get at any food there might be. The bear was a small and skinny one say the homeowners who saw him.

A Tonto Village resident in TV III got close enough to take a few pictures. Arizona Game and Fish were called and those gentlemen took the bear out of the neighborhood.

Dominoes competition

There will be a dominoes competition at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 between the Divas of Tonto Village and the Christopher Creek Firebelles at the Christopher Creek Fire Station.

This is a first for the Domino Divas, and the event promises to be great fun. Prizes will be awarded on the crankiest, the sniveler, the loudest, etc. Bring a dish to share with the gals and just enjoy the day.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Vicki Grootegoed of Christopher Creek and a regular dominoes player both in Christopher Creek and Tonto Village celebrated her birthday on June 12. Vicki has many interests including quilt making, embroidery, and is a singer in the Payson Choral Society and plays a huge part as a costume maker for the melodramas held at the LDS church each year. She is one busy girl, and she likes it that way.

Margaret Stasney has her big day on June 16. Margaret is a secretary for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department. Lori Mulvey of Tonto Village III adds another candle on June 17.

Lori is also a Domino Diva and an integral part of the Hellsgate Fire Department Auxiliary. Stephanie Morris adds another candle to her birthday cake on June 21. Stephanie is a mom to two very active boys and she considers that her main job. She is also the administrative assistant at Kohl's Ranch. Stephanie has lived in the village her whole life and wound not even consider living anywhere else.

Happy birthday to all of you!

Grant and Marie Coley of Tonto Village II, will celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary on June 18. Grant and Marie have been coming to the village for many years and decided to make the village their permanent residence a few years ago. Happy anniversary to you!

Hellsgate Fire Department

There will be a meeting of the fireboard on Wednesday, June 18 at station #21 (Star Valley). The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. The agenda will be mostly about the budget for the fiscal year 2008-09. Please be sure that you attend this meeting so that you can have a say about how your tax dollars will be spent.

Double D happenings

This past Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. the players gathered to compete in an eight-ball tournament. The winners were Cliff Landrum, Scotty and Betty Koutz. Cliff is back in good form, congratulations to you. The next Scotch Doubles tournament will be held on Friday evening, June 20. The competition starts at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck supper. Bring munchies or a dish.

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