Fire Restrictions In Place, Danger Is Extreme


Don't forget fire restrictions. Fire danger is at extreme.

That means no outside burning, no charcoal, no smoking outside. Be aware of your surroundings and report any and all burning.


Six hard-working and enthusiastic kids, Maddy and Nick Poinier, Matthew, Christopher and Jenna Pulido, and Morgan Alvin, along with their adult helpers, Kim and Rose Pulido, Laura Alvin, Mary Wigner and Marge and Gary Anderson, collected 30 pounds of trash and litter from the creek beds and the roads.

Another thing to be aware of in this heat is snakes. They like the warm weather and if you are walking in the forest, I recommend that you not wear open-toed shoes and carry a large stick. Better to be safe than sorry.

Clean up is going well throughout the district, and residents are doing there best to be fire wise.

June 7 was Kids Kleen Up the Kreek Day, and did they ever. Six really hard-working, enthusiastic kids, along with their adult helpers collected 30 pounds of trash and litter from the creek beds and the roads around Christopher Creek. The worker bees were Maddy and Nick Poinier, Matthew, Christopher and Jenna Pulido, and Morgan Alvin. Adult helpers were Kim and Rose Pulido, Laura Alvin, Mary Wigner and Marge and Gary Anderson.

Nick, Matthew, Christopher and father Ross had the hard duty of the creek bed. They removed a 10-foot long copper pipe, tennis shoes, three-ring binder, many cans, bottles and bags of assorted trash. Yuk!

They received many waves and thanks from the creek side residents as they worked to clean the stream. Maddy, Morgan and mom Laura had equally hard duty as they cleaned the downstream creek bed section and removed lots of trash.

Mom Kim and 4-year-old Jenna picked up Ashby Apple Lane and made it look as it should, a lane through the forest without trash.

It was easy to know the work was hard by the number of hot dogs the kids ate. Some thought they might enter Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

All the folks of Christopher Creek want to thank the kids for being such great citizens, and showing us the way. Thank you.

The kids are also lucky to have such giving and caring parents.

Thanks also to the C-K Fire Department for assisting with loaning street barricades and road markers, and to Sam Seay for putting a fire prevention gift packet together for each kid. Now is the time for the residents of the community to pick up after yourselves and not dump in the creek or along the roads throughout the community.

Retreat time

Ladies, it is that time again for another wonderful retreat. Join everyone for fellowship, Bible lessons and fun from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, June 21 at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel. This year's special speaker will be Marlene Blough. Music on the piano by Rita Quay. This is a salad luncheon, so bring along your favorite salad to share. Wear your walking shoes if you want to take a walk on the break. Childcare is provided by request. Call Teresa Branson at (928) 476-2558 by June 15. RSVP: Pat Guevara at (928) 478-4122 or Susan Hepworth at (928) 478-4310. Ladies, this is worth coming out for the day.

June 18 is the Dominoes Tournament between CKFD and Tonto Village with a potluck lunch at noon at the CKFD.


A special thank you from Jim Oliver, our new administrator of CKFD:

To the residents of Christopher/Kohl's Fire District: I would like to thank all of the residents who signed petitions for me to serve as administrator of the district. A special thanks to all those people who circulated the petitions, especially the guy with the red trailer.

It has been a humbling experience, and I will do the best I can for the fire department. No matter whose petition you signed, you deserve thanks because it shows that you care for the fire department. This is what this was all about.

Our fire chief, Electra VanEckhoutte, and the department members did a superb job keeping the department above the board distractions and doing their jobs. A special thanks to them. I urge anyone with concerns about the department or district to contact myself or Electra. Again, my heartfelt thanks. Jim Oliver


Scotty VanEckhoutte of Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department will be adding another candle to his cake on June 16. Louise Reynolds will have another birthday on June 18. Wishing both of you a very happy birthday.

Don't forget Sunday is Father's Day. Those of you are lucky enough to still have your father, make sure you do something special for him.

My father has been gone for about 12 years now and I miss him more than ever. He was the best dad anyone could ever want. Even though he is not here I still remember all the good times and I still talk to him like he was still here. I even ask that he watch over me and I ask him if that is the way he would have done things.

Dads don't care if it's just a homemade card that you give them, just give them something from the heart and make sure you tell them that you care about them. Life is short; enjoy them while they are still around. Spend some time with them this Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Get ready to laugh

It is that time of year for the Christopher Creek Melodrama, sponsored by the Christopher Creek LDS Church.

This year's spectacular is "The Old Cookie Shop." Once again, by popular demand, is the very talented Pamela Steven as director with Grant Corley as producer. You cannot go wrong with that duo.

The melodrama will run Thursday, June 26, Friday, June 27 and two shows Saturday the 28th one at 2 p.m and the others at 7 p.m.

Get your free tickets they are going quickly. Call Marsh at (928) 478-5086 in Christopher Creek and Effie at Diamond Point at (928) 474-8108. Don't miss out on all the fun. And it's free. Call them today.

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