Great Job In Bringing Tribute Wall To Payson



To the folks responsible for bringing the wall to Payson "You are all angels!" We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was so good to see it again even though very emotional for many and myself.

All the volunteers and the search and rescue folks that provided security were all wonderful and so helpful. I can't say enough about them. The volunteers helped folks find names on the wall also and provided tracing paper to etch the names of loved ones and of course the people themselves that brought the wall here! God bless them all and in their travels.

Just a few things we observed: from being in Washington and seeing the wall after my partner's military funeral and proper etiquette.

I wish also to remind folks there was a sign posted no dogs please due to the volume of people and if they had to go to the bathroom it was asked out of respect and furthermore the area right in front of the wall is sacred to the yellow line that was laid the length of the wall.

Many people laid items at the wall also another reason the area is sacred ground. Most people don't take their animals into the cemetery so the same respect should be afforded to the wall. Many folks that did this weren't from Payson but the Valley. We saw few people walking their dogs in this area (between the wall and the yellow line) and it was upsetting that people wouldn't respect this. Most people that had dogs stayed behind the yellow line.

Also being in a sacred area I witnessed a young man with no shirt on. Out of respect, he should have had a shirt on. It was good to see young people there, but showing respect at the wall utmost importance.

Payson did a bang up job and our hats off to them for providing all they did! The park was a perfect spot and so tranquil and beautiful for the wall to be shown! God bless all that were involved. Hope to see the wall in Payson again in the near future.

Have a blessed day,

Mrs. B Rivers

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