Hope Council Will Do Its Own Thinking



A lot of the council is the same but we can only hope under the guidance of the new mayor they will do their own thinking.

Ever since the CFO retired and the mayor forced the resignation of the town manager and eliminated the HR director position the town started slipping. Who ever heard of hiring a town manager without applying for the job or experience for the position then pay that kind of salary.

Council wouldn't pay that salary for the former town manager with many years of experience. It makes one wonder just what is going on. You see town employees and ask how things are going and there is much discontent and fear for their jobs with no place to turn for help.

The town manager suggests closing the swimming pool to save funds -- sorry kids you don't count. Why not cut the town manager pay to help fund the pool. The town was in good financial standing when the former town manager and CFO were keeping the town purse strings in tow. "Rainy day" funds were used when absolutely necessary.

Sharon Marcus

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