The Mystery Of The Wet Senior Center Floor


The saga of the Senior Center Dining Room floor has quite a history.

"The dining room floor has been the biggest challenge over the years," said Director, Reed Cox.


The floor in the dining hall/all purpose room at the Senior Center needs repair and is potentially a hazard to those who use the facility as can be seen in this photo.

According to the receptionist Rhondi Dalgleish, the Center was a bowling alley and then a skating rink, so it had three layers of flooring.

"The flooring has been a problem for over 10 years," said Rosalind Schuerer, a long time member. She remembers when the monsoons came; the water would pour down the hill off of Frontier Street and find its way to the back door of the Center. Every time it rained the dining room floor would get wet.

Over the years, several steps have been taken to correct the problem. They dug a trench to have the water go around the building to Main Street. The floor still got wet. A big hole was drilled through the flooring to see if a pipe was broken. The staff placed a table over the opening, so no one would get hurt. No broken pipe, but the floor still got wet. Then they added a sump pump to drain the water. The floor still got wet.

After awhile the tile squares curled up and people would trip. Then it became even more of a safety hazard.

Cox had all the tiles scraped up, the holes covered, leaving a bare concrete floor. "It's not pretty, but it's safe for now," he said.

Taking a page from his years in law enforcement, he added, "We are taking steps, like an investigation, to try and solve the issue."

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