Fancy Ymca Mailer Was Misleading



I've been following the YMCA issue, and was disturbed by a fancy 8 1/2 x 11 color printed mailer that we received the other day -- addressed to "Current Resident." My presumption is that many, if not all, residents received one -- signed by Bill Ensign, President of Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation. You probably know exactly the flier to which I'm referring.

Well, it surely sounded like the Payson YMCA is a "done deal" -- that it's going to happen. It actually says "If you would like to put your name on a preliminary list for membership." Now doesn't that sound like a plan already approved? Have I missed something?

I want to register my total disapproval of such an ad. It smacks of false advertising and misleads our residents.

Did the council actually know about and approve/encourage this approach? Can't imagine that, and I truly hope not.

I want to register my total objection to bringing in the YMCA. It would definitely cause a negative effect on the several excellent gyms that we already have! Payson Athletic, Curves, Club USA and the Indian Gym have worked hard to establish their businesses -- and it hasn't been easy. There's also the gym at the college. These are the ones we should be supporting and encouraging. They are our businesses, already serving us well.

I want to register my total no regarding the YMCA, or any business, getting a "deal" on land in Rumsey Park!

So much seems to happen in council sessions, that too many of us have little time to keep attending. If this is a serious proposal, I believe there should be a ballot vote to really consult us all -- just as I believe there should be a ballot vote regarding the excessive development of the rodeo grounds. Both of these projects reward non-Payson investors who, in my opinion, don't really have Payson's interest at heart. There's money to be made by these corporations and investment groups, and they view Payson as the place in which to make it. If it weren't a lucrative deal for them they wouldn't be interested and wouldn't be pursuing Payson!

Perhaps many residents feel the same way, and both of these proposals could be voted on by the entire community on the same ballot. Give all of us a voice, not just those who have the time to attend and speak at the council meetings.

In the meantime, I think the council has a real responsibility to correct the impression given by the YMCA flier, through discussing this openly at the next council meeting, through a corrective flier, newspaper articles, and through the local radio stations.

Vera (Vee) Jeanne

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