Hillary Supporters Should Vote For Obama



I read recently in The Arizona Republic two interesting results of the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. ood news: Obama leads McCain by a narrow margin. Bad news: Nearly a quarter of Hillary Clinton's supporters would vote now for McCain over Obama. Conclusion: If all of that quarter of Hillary's supporters would follow Hillary's recommendation to support Obama, the Democrats would have an easy victory for the White House.

It is only natural that we ardent supporters of Hillary have to go through a grieving process. We put a lot of energy, money, hopes and dreams into her campaign. I find myself alternating among disbelief, anger, bargaining (as in, "Maybe she can still bargain for delegates at the convention") and depression. But we must remember that the final stage of grieving is acceptance. Until we arrive at that final stage, we absolutely must put our heads above our emotions and realize that a vote for McCain is a vote for disaster.

A vote for McCain is a vote to continue the war in Iraq indefinitely, continue vying for a war with Iran, limit stem-cell research, put government into our appointments with physicians and into our bedrooms, continue limiting health care only to those rich enough to afford it, and continue increasing the national debt in order to give tax relief to the rich. Not only will McCain encourage these things in Congress, but he will also appoint Supreme Court justices who will continue his legacy for many years to come.

We cannot let this happen. Remember: We think; therefore, we are Democrats.

Elaine Bohlmeyer


Democratic Women of Rim Country

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