Humane Society Needs Large And Small Donations



Priorities ... I can't imagine anyone who hasn't had to rethink financial priorities. With gas prices through the roof and food prices rising with every shopping trip, I've had to evaluate my priorities.

One of those priorities is my charitable giving. I would love to keep giving to a wide variety of worthwhile organizations, but I just can't manage that right now. I will, however, give where and when I can.

The "where" for me is Payson Humane Society's Building Fund. The "when" is now, right now. I support placing the PHS building campaign at the top of everyone's priority list until the new building becomes a reality. A new building for Payson Humane Society and the good work its staff and volunteers do is a "need," not a "want." Moving Payson Humane Society from the current facility into a new building is an absolute minimum for a community that prides itself on humane animal treatment.

So while there might be other worthy organizations in Payson that "want" our donations, let's make Payson Humane Society's Building Fund our first and highest priority. Let's give what we can, donations large and small, and meet the "need" now.

Susan Campbell

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