Thanks For Bringing The Wall To Payson



I have never written to a newspaper before, but feel compelled to do so now.

Thank you, Pat Willis and committee for bringing the Traveling Wall to Payson. I have been to the memorial in Washington, D.C., and the Traveling Wall is every bit as moving. I hope it was a healing experience for all.

My thanks go to all veterans who have served in any war or "conflict." No matter who, when or where, "War is Hell." Those who made the ultimate sacrifice or gave up their "normal" life to serve our country deserve our honor and respect. We owe every freedom which we enjoy to a soldier at one time or another.

On behalf of those who spat, sneered, jeered, or just ignored, I am sorrynd ashamed. Our United States may not be perfect, but it is the best country in the world. Why else does everyone else want to come here?

God Bless America.

M.S. Jones

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