Town's Plan Better Than The Ymca



Here we go again!!

Now the YMCA is swamping us with full page ads and fliers in color, yet. And we can sign-up for a non-existent facility. Does someone know something the rest of us aren't privy to?
One of the major complaints about existent swimming pools, was that none were "regulation," and therefore, the swim team couldn't practice or compete. So what do I recently read? The YMCA offering is notregulation". What am I missing here?

When explanations were made in a recent Payson Roundup article, re Payson building its own facility, they sounded like facilities were being considered that wouldeally serve the needs of our young people. How great to be able to hold sanctioned school events here in Payson. Expensive? Yes, but it sounds like we'd get lotsore bang for our bucks. A facility as described sounds like one that would be supported by many Payson residents, as well as residents of other Rim communities. Another important consideration is that such a center would not be in competition with any of ourrivately ownedyms.olding intra-mural competitions between schools, would be a wonderful opportunity to get allim community residents out to cheer on the kids and to work together in the best interests ofur young people.

Why can't we poll or vote on this measure? I know I would whole heartedly support a community gym and pool.

Will the YMCA or Bill Ensign, address questions I have? Is it true that when the YMCA is holding a fund raising, no other ones can be held during that time?

Why do the membership fees keep changing? At first it was around $50; then $50-$75; then $28 to75.nyone able to give a realistic fee?

Cortez, Colo. has a beautiful community facility, with climbing walls, exercise equipment, wave pool, lap pool, running track, gym, racquetball courts, etc. The median income in Cortez is considerably less than Payson.

I believe that any interested person could go on the Internet and learn how a modest community like Cortez was able to build the beautiful facility, and how the townupports it. As I recall, two seniors living in the same house, pay less than $300 for an annual membership. I don't have the information at hand for the various memberships, but I do recall that they are very modest.

By the way, there's also an outdoor, summer swimming pool.

C. Anne Boisvert

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