Pet Adoption Program For Seniors


At Payson Humane Society, we're passionate about pets -- ours, yours and those in need of loving homes. We are also passionate about our senior citizens.

The mission of the Senior to Senior Animal Adoption program is to place senior dogs and cats, age 5 andlder, with loving senioritizens, age 60 and older.

It has been proven in countless studies that seniors thrive from the companionship of a pet. Many studies show the health benefits that calm, loving animals can have on a senior citizen.

Senior dogs need regular walks, which can help the overall health of the adopter and adoptee. Cats love to be brushed, and can be really good listeners.
Animals have been associated with humans for at least 50,000 years; first as scavengers, then as working companions, and finally as a source of great pleasure as pets. It is no surprise that research continues to prove the health benefits provided to the elderly by their pets.

Anyenior, age 60 and over, wishing to adopt a senior pet is encouraged to visit the Payson Humane Society at 812 S. McLane Road, or the shelter's Web page at

The shelter staff will provide home visits and animal care education for any senior needing assistance with their adopted pet. If you are interested in the Senior to Senior Animal Adoption program, please call (928) 474-5590.

can't adopt? we still need you!

If you are not able to make a lifetime commitment to an adopted pet, you can still benefit from animal companionship.

The local animal shelter is suffering from serious overcrowding issues, and foster homes are desperately needed to harbor shelter pets on a temporary basis.

If you can offer a temporary, loving home to a shelter pet, please call (928) 474-5590.

kittens need tlc

Although the shelter staff works hard to give kittens all they need, there is never quite enough TLC to go around. What is badly needed in these cases are kind and gentle volunteers who have the time to come to the shelter and just love.

Some of these babies are still so young they don't even know how to bathe themselves, and they need to be gently cleaned as a mother cat would do. All of them need to be nurtured.

We've seen the difference it can make. It goes a long way to helping build a healthy kitten that is strong enough to make it in the shelter environment until it finds a loving and forever home. Some of the babies need to be socialized to help them become adoptable. All of them need love.

If you have time and love to share, please come to the shelter and we will get you started.

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