Concerned About Lack Of Emergency Veterinary Care



I am a resident of Payson who is concerned for our animals that need emergency care. Our town has listed in the Yellow Pages, 12 veterinary clinics, some with two doctors in each clinic.

But (we do not have any emergency care in Payson) if one of our animals has an emergency health need or a severe accident, like my neighbor's dog had over the weekend. Her 9-month-old toy Yorkie broke both its front legs by jumping off a chair at home and no one could help her.

She had to drive all the way down to Mesa (two hours), with that little dog yelping in pain all the way to the clinic in the Valley. There has to be a solution to this problem.

This is my suggestion: Have each Payson veterinary clinic take a week where they are available for emergency calls on weekends and evenings. There can be one local number that is listed under veterinary clinics, an emergency number that people can call and find out who is the on-call vet for that particular day.

What would we do if we needed an emergency and had to drive two hours to the Valley to get help because we didn't have an ER? I know our animals are all very important to us, please talk to your veterinarian to help organize such an emergency number for our animals.

Vickie Hendricks

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