Gila College Will Lease Modular For Globe Program


Gila County Community College board members unanimously agreed Tuesday to lease a modular unit for the Globe campus' new cosmetology program.

The decision followed last week's lengthy discussion during which some board members expressed skepticism about leasing the unit. They wondered if interest for the cosmetology program would peter out.

"How readily can this unit be retrofitted for other classes?" board member Don Crowley wondered.

Senior Dean Stephen Cullen assured the board that alternate uses were possible.

Some board members were also generally opposed to modular units.

Cullen said he investigated the option of leasing a "brick and mortar" building, but found that option too expensive.

The property he explored, which offered only seven parking spaces, would cost $275,000 as opposed to the $106,700 for the modular unit.

The figure includes retrofitting the unit to house the cosmetology program, delivery and setup.

"I don't see any way for us to proceed with a brick and mortar structure," Cullen said, adding that he has worked on starting the program for more than two years.

"I've had a lot of stall outs and disappointment along the way," he said. But "I think we can make this cost effective."

Board members last week asked Cullen to examine escape clauses. Tuesday, he said should the school choose to return the unit, requisite costs would include any delinquent fees along with any costs deriving from the unit's sale.

The building will cost the college about $1,500 a month. A partnership discussed last week with a vocational school -- each school would pay half -- did not arise Tuesday.

The program will start this fall.

Pamela Butterfield, dean for the Payson campus, is continuing to investigate the feasibility for a cosmetology program there.

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