Resident Against Sherwood Drive Parking Ban



Mayor Kenny Evans and Payson Town Council, read the article on the Payson Pathway in Friday's Roundup. We live on Sherwood Drive and are strongly against the plan. Why Sherwood Drive when you have streets like Airport Road which have plenty of space for bikes, hikers and the public?

Why would we want more traffic on our street? We have problems already getting in and out of our driveway.

Why would we want the value of our home to decrease? We have had to deal with theft, vandalism, eggs and paintballs thrown on the house and cars, mailbox damaged, why would we want anymore of these types of actions?

Those who think the pathway is a good idea, put it in your neighborhood.

We agree with Don Evans' letter to the editor June 20. We certainly do not want anymore foot traffic or bike riders in our neighborhood. In our opinion this pathway plan is not in the best interest of "we the people" -- official taxpayers and voters of this town. Use the $30,000 to keep the pool open all summer.

Roy B. Olson

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