Star Valley Man Arrested For Drowning Seven Puppies


Animal abuse is a common problem and it is rare to have an arrest made in such incidents, however, a Star Valley man was taken into custody for drowning puppies earlier this month, according to the Payson Humane Society.

Dwaine Ellsworth Ulery, 57, Star Valley was arrested for animal cruelty June 7.

Police officials say he drowned seven puppies in his bathtub. There is one surviving puppy and the mother, which are in the custody of the Payson Humane Society.

A report by Payson Police Department Animal Control Officer Don Tanner, provided by the humane society, said it was first investigated June 5 after a request was made for a welfare check on eight, two-week old puppies.

"After making contact with a male subject, he advised me seven of the eight puppies had been suffocated from the mother dog laying on them. He also advised me he had buried them on a hill on the backside of the trailer park where he resides.

"He refused to take me to the spot where he had buried the puppies, saying ‘the puppies were suffocated the evening before and buried them after it was dark' and (he) did not (know) where exactly," Tanner reported.

"After urging him to take us where the puppies were buried he advised that the puppies had not been buried yet, but were still in his trailer. After receiving his permission to enter his residence he led me to the bathroom where the seven puppies were found deceased laying in the bathtub, saturated with water. He still refused (to admit) he had drowned the puppies and refused to speak with us any longer."

The subject was arrested June 7, Saturday morning, at which time he admitted to drowning the puppies in his bathtub, Tanner said.

The humane society has placed the mother dog and one surviving puppy in foster care.

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