Give Your Choice A Voice, Mail Your Ballot Before Tuesday


With all the advertisements and broadcast news coverage of the presidential election, it is hard to think someone might let the opportunity to vote go by.

It could be because there is so much noise about elections, we just tune it out.

The elections for the Payson and Star Valley mayoral and council races and the recall of several members of the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board is next week -- March 11.

It is time to tune in. During the last several weeks, the Roundup has profiled candidates for election in Payson and Star Valley. In today's edition, readers will find information on the candidates involved in the PSWID recall.

Take some time and study this material. You can get back issues of the paper or go online to and do a search using the word "election" or the names of the candidates.

There have been numerous letters to the editor about the candidates printed over the last several weeks. Studying those may help you see which candidate best reflects your personal views and values.

This is a mail-in election. Find your ballot, fill it out and get it in the mail. If you cannot find your ballot, you can get a replacement at the town halls of Payson and Star Valley. You may also file the ballot at the town halls if you were not able to get it into the mail in time.

We all have a voice in who will be directing the business of our towns. Don't let someone else speak for you because you don't cast a ballot to make that choice.

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