Kenny Evans Is Good For Payson



Kenny Evans has been my leader, teachernd friend for many years. Even though he is an extremely busy person, he is always the most willing to help those in need.

His friendly and energetic attitude brings joy to every one around him, and the knowledge he shares helps many to grow. I have never heard a negative word towards a person come out of his mouth. He is always very accepting and non-judgmental.

Oneveral occasions he has invitedany youth to his house, and joined in with the youth for theirctivities, and theseave beenome of the most memorable and fun times for me and many of my friends. I feel very blessed for the insightful things I have learned from Kenny Evans and will always look up to him as a wonderful example and person.

I feel that because of his good heart and honesty, he would be the best leader for the Town of Payson.

Jessa Shepherd

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