The Elementary Frontiers Of Art, Music, Books And Food


The dome at Frontier Elementary School filled with people enjoying music and art, books and food the evening of, Thursday Feb. 28.

Art projects included March Lions with curly construction paper manes made by Mrs. Stevenson's first-graders. Mrs. Carm Locke's students made watercolor dreamscapes. There were hanging carp made of tissue paper, leftover Christmas wrap and glitter, quilts and candy dishes, scrapbooks and jewelry.


Shyanne Shill and Sandra Lewinson, search for the perfect item at the book fair.

Monica Oakley's third-graders checked in with this student-written poem on their poet's tree.

Symmetry Poem

Once I climbed a tree,

A special tree of symmetry.

So I wore my special pants,

To keep away those nasty ants.

Ants have a line of symmetry,

Six legs in half make the number three.

Symmetry, symmetry, is so fun,

Symmetry, symmetry, is in the sun!


Ryland Walla, plays a solo at the fair.

A sun is like a circle, you see,

Lines of symmetry to infinity.

A mirror image you will see,

Split along a line of symmetry.

A butterfly has symmetry,

Did you know it's you and me?

Can it be...

That a person has a line of symmetry?

Symmetry is just a line,

That makes you feel just fine.

Vertically between eyes and legs,

Equal parts, like two eggs.

Symmetrical triangles you can't always find,


Connor Faust tries to decide what to purchase at the book fair.

Unless it's a special kind.

An equilateral has the most,

Three lines of symmetry it can boast.

An isosceles has only one you see,

It's very different like a bee.

Four lines of symmetry are in a square,

The rectangle says, "It's not fair!"

For the rectangle has only two,

He lies and says, "It's not true!"

Even though the heart has one,

He still has a lot of fun.

Antique-style silhouettes featured her students as "presidential hopefuls."

If I were President of the United States... "I would make the world a better place by helping children in trouble," Dalton Perkes wrote in an essay. Haley Frey would, "paint the White House pink."

Teams of students in Sharry Lien's fourthgrade classroom wrote essays synopsizing Richard Peck's novel, "A Long Way from Chicago" by years.

Mary, Jo and Alice come to live with their grandmother in her home in St. Louis. The story covers their antics from 1929 to 1935, including Shotgun Cheatham's last night above ground, the time the mouse got in the milk bottle and the centennial celebration.

Another of the evening's highlights was the band's performance, led by music teacher Daria Mason.

"We look at music from all different cultures from Japan to Mexico to American jazz," Mason told the audience.

The annual Scholastic Book Fair, going on all week, was open for the evening so parents could take their children shopping.

Teachers got an infusion of $2,000 worth of fresh books for their classrooms and, the FES library has $1,000 worth of new books through Scholastic from book sales.

The fry bread dinner, made by Arlinda Waterman, Kathy Hinton and, Lanell Hooke raised approximately $500 for FES book angels -- books for students who wanted but could not afford to buy books.

There are three more book fairs on the calendar: Julia Randall School will hold their book fair March 24 to 28. Payson Elementary's book fair is April 23 to May 2. Pine's book fair is May 5-9.

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