The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease



This article is an effort to get others to write about their concerns and ideas of addressing or correcting a perceived problem. Most of us will complain to our friends and neighbors about something and we should really be notifying our elected officials of our feelings and ideas of what is the proper solution.

I can guess what you all are thinking; "the elected ones do not listen to what we think should be done. They only hear what the paid legislative lobbyists are saying." -- That may be true because those lobbyists are the only ones who are telling the elected officials what they want done and are able to soften up the politicians by free meals, gifts and trips. I would personally like to see lobbyists of companies, organizations (private and public), and wealthy individuals prohibited from contact with any legislative person or other elected official. However, I'm sure that will not happen. But, we, as individuals, could act with as much or more power by the use of a letter, e-mail, or telephone. The power of the pen can be very powerful if applied to a problem by many different writers. In effect, we would become the lobbyists with the most power and costing us only the price of the postage and a prospective vote for the co-operative politician.

One should remember the old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." The louder the squeak, the quicker the correction of the problem.

To summarize a bit, perhaps we are not doing enough to steer our politicians as to what we want them to do. We complain among ourselves, but not to those who can change things. Don't be bashful of writing your feelings to your representatives. If your English is poor, don't let that stop you. They will still get the ideas of what you want done and your suggested solution.

Think and then communicate!

C.W. Smith

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