Black Stallion


Visits from horses "Little Black" and "Big Red" enchanted 173 children from Frontier, Julia Randall and Pine-Strawberry Elementary Schools on Feb. 25.

Volunteers from the Payson Horsemen's Association are responsible for bringing this literacy day to Rim Country schools each year.

Phil and Audra Daugherty of Country Carriage Company own the horse Jerusha Paine is petting. He is "Big Red" aka Big Ben.

Mary Little tells Brian Wintrich that horses have hooves, while humans have fingernails.

"Little Black," a pony, jumps for the little boy who owns him in Walter Farley's book "Little Black Pony." Ian Duarte, Dalton Albers, Lars Tanner, Hannah Hargis and Madison McPhillips can't wait to see what happens next.

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