Clean Up Town Hall, Vote For Edwards



I own a business on West Main Street. I have been in business in Payson for two years now. I have a problem with the bureaucrats in the Town of Payson, the sewer district, Arizona Public Service, and everyone who makes a living out of causing misery for anyone trying toust behave and have a good life.

My thoughts in coming to Payson were that this is a small town and I would have no troubles if I just follow the rules. I very quickly found out that there are three kinds of ordinances.

The first are ordinances that only new people in Payson are meant to follow.econd are ordinances that only apply when someone complains. Thirdly are ordinances that can be readily broken by people of power knowing that no one would dare challenge their actions.
People of power are well-known developers and contractors in conjunction with politically powerful people whom view themselves above the process the rest of us must follow.

Examples abound. Just look at the sign on the Zane Grey Cabin. Try to find an approval sticker.

Had a problem getting a business license? I have been told by the owner of Down the Street Gallery that she gets hers the same day.

Are there special favors given to developers and contractors by the town? I have been told that common people who do not understand the complexities of pouring a concrete slab or hanging a sign on a wall need to hire someone who does. How many of us have been told: I cannot tell you how to design your project, but I can tell you that I will not approvef your project?

A developer or contractor walks in and gets all kinds of variances. You know like the one where Home Depot floods the neighbors.

How about inspections? A contractor just dug up Main Street to install a sewer. He left the ground not landscaped, a patch in the street part asphalt and part the worst concrete mixture I have ever seen,nd he pulled up a tree from the public land and deposited it on private land. Now on Main Street there is a rapidly developing hole, an unsightly landscape, a dead tree, and an ugly sewer vent pipe.

Who is accountable for all these actions?
I have been told by town officials that it is not their responsibility. I was told by the sewer people that I must solve the problem with the contractor.

My opinion is that it is a much ingrained systemhat starts at the top and is carried out by the people on the bottom. On the bottom are inspectors who know that no one will ever question their report. Next up is the mid-manager who has been told to do his job and not rock the boat. On top is theureaucrat who tells everyone don't mess with me I have powerful friends who are the developers, the contractors, and the people of graced status. City councilorsowero top power.

We need to clean this system. That is why I voted for Mr. Edwards and his two councilor candidates. It is a vote to clean this system. Then maybe I will not have to do maintenance on benches, fire hydrants and light poles on Main Street. I do this with my own money, my own tools, and my own time. Accountability.

Gerry Galarneau

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