Mayor Edwards Is A Good Person



Given the Roundup's obvious bias toward Kenny Evans, I doubt that this will get printed, but I felt that somebody needed to balance outhe pro Kenny letters that appear here. In the eight years that I have lived in Payson, Mayor Edwards is by far the best mayor we have had.

He has not treated the job as a part-time position and has gotten more things done and with more transparency than those before him. He is open, honest, and yes, blunt at times, and I find that refreshing in a world of political double talk.

While Mr. Evans may be a good man, make no mistake about it, a vote for him and Michael Hughes is a vote to turn the town back over to the real estate developers, construction industry, and the rest of the "good ol' boys" that see Payson as a means to fatten their wallets at the expense of the quality of life the rest of us live in Payson for.

It never ceases to amaze me how people move to Payson for the peace and quiet and clean air and then can't seem to wait to turn it into a crowded mess like they left. If you value what we have here, I encourage you to vote for Edwards, Loeffler and Rutter.

Steve Smith

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