Not Happy With Mayor's Actions



In the mayor's campaign brochure he forgot one "promise we citizens kept": "we"ot rid of the "old guard" of town officials termed "nay-sayers" by the mayor.

Actually how "we" did that only the mayor knows because "he" did it and the former officials seeo point in "going public" because he would "just deny" anything they said.

However, few of us "citizens" did find out whathe" did and I can only say I found itppalling. No sense detailinghat he asked of the officials he sought to "rid" us of. Suffice it to say it "was" unbelievable. Surely he wasn't serious.

The mayor knew the officials in good conscience would refuse to even consider what he asked of them. And he was right.

When itomes to discerning who is being truthful about anything, all one needonsider is who has the mosto lose (truth-told).

Related to truth-telling, the mayor has publically questioned the veracity ofr. Evans pertaining to the extent ofis involvement in various societal service endeavors in which he has been engaged over the years. Big mistake.

The mayor neglected checking out his "opinions" with Senators Kyl and McCain and other state and federal officials -- past and present -- who have worked withenny Evans. They could have told the mayor quite precisely the significance of Mr. Evans' honest contributions of time and effort.

Mr. Evans has spent a lot of time buildingelationships with "decision-makers" inariousreas of "governance," industry and public utilities leaders. Hispproachs collegial and by no means unduly "aggressive." But anyone doubting Mr. Evans ability to help facilitate getting things done and in good order is "way off base."

The mayor's friends(?) who belittle and mock Kenny Evans simply have no idea of who he is.hisanmade his money" in business and could have "retired"ong ago. Instead he investednergy and money inorking on some thingsrizona citizens (including Payson residents) agreed needed "fixing." No self-aggrandizing touting. Just quiet action.

Frankly, tend to "trust" a person far more when it comes to seekingolitical office who states unequivocally he wants no morehan one termn officehile yet intending full and honest accountability to all "the people" not just those who elected him.

Rev. Dr. Maurice Simons

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