Too Many Letters For Evans



Several weeks ago, after the Payson Roundup included its very slanted bios of our mayoral candidates, I was one of many who wrote in. My comments were quite short and to the point, asking what percentage of the Roundup "Saint Kenny" owned. It made sense to me that if Bob Edwards was an owner of the Rim Country Gazette, such ownership could be the only logical reason for this paper's biased reporting. What a surprise to find that my comments were not printed while glowing endorsements of Evans, much longer than 400 words, were selected.

Now, in the March 4 issue, I count four (letters to the editor) in praise of Evans, and one with concerns regarding the mayor's slow-growth stance. None at all in favor of our mayor; what a coincidence.

In the meantime I found myself wondering how this man, Kenny, could finance his campaign so heavily when he had given all of his money to the church? Oh! That church has a lot of money and a lot of clout in this area, that's right. So, it must be that Saint Kenny is backed by his church; and whatever happened to the "separation of church and state" that our founding fathers sought?

Please understand that I am in favor of religions, all of them, when they work as they should. That is, making someone a better person; not making someone think that they are better than others. I just don't like any one religion being in charge. Now I did begin to see that it may not be Mr. Evans who owns the Roundup, but a particular Christian sect. How very convenient.

I do not know that Mr. Edwards would approve of my comments, and I do realize that they will not be published in your "newspaper." Also, it is possible that the saint is indeed a very nice and capable man. Just because he has no new ideas of his own may mean little about his qualifications to be mayor. But, I have become so aggravated at this paper's too obviously slanted printing of this campaign that I needed to speak out. Thanks Roundup. The "good old boys" may yet be in charge again for business as usual.

Joanne Bergman

Editor's note: Letters are published in the order they are received. We received no prior letter from this writer.

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