Visit The ‘Little Shelter That Could'


It's always an adventure and a challenge at Payson Humane Society. We never know what the day will bring -- several stray dogs, occasionally some with injuries.

As we near the spring season, we know we will be inundated with stray kittens and puppies from all over Gila County. During the month of February, Payson Humane Society had 35 owner-turnover dogs; that is not counting the 13 puppies or the increase in the cat population. There's never a dull moment with more than 100 animals a month coming through PHS.

Thanks goes out to our very able team which includes seven animal-care staff members along with many foster homes and our never-ending supply of volunteers whose efficient care is matched by their great kindness and dedication to all of the animals here.

Payson Humane Society offers many low-cost spay/neuter programs to Payson and the surrounding communities as well as a very active trap/neuter/return program for feral cats to make sure that there are never any homeless or unwanted pets in our local region. Please call (928) 474-5590 or come by and visit "The Little Shelter That Could" at 812 S. McLane Road.




Gunner is a handsome 4-year-old neutered Black Lab mix. He arrived at the shelter because his owners could no longer keep him. He is used to being in the house and outside. He is house-trained and is used to small children. He comes from an active family and loves going for walks. Gunner likes to feel like part of the family and prefers to sleep inside at night. Gunner is good with cats, but can be picky about his dog friends. If you are interested in adopting Gunner, we encourage you to bring your current dog to the shelter exercise area and see how they interact together.


Brownie is a gentle 4-year-old spayed female Pit Bull Terrier. Her short light brown coat is perfect for our Arizona climate. Her paws, chest and the tip of her tail are contrasting white. Brownie is unbelievably easy to handle for a Pit Bull. She walks obediently on leash, with no pulling whatsoever. She is sweet and friendly, wagging her tail happily when she sees you or when you give her a treat. Brownie is good with both cats and other dogs. She does not like to be tied, nor does she like the loud barking of some dogs at our shelter, for she is a quiet, well-behaved girl. Brownie was rescued by a group of ladies from Superior. They saw her potential and could not resist trying to save her life, even though their homes were full of rescued dogs. Brownie is now with us at Payson Humane Society looking for a second chance at finding a good home. Brownie will require a home visit prior to adoption and possible follow-up visits from Payson Humane Society.






Kodi is a 1-year-old neutered Husky/Shepherd mix. He was owner-donated to the shelter because he kept jumping the fence. However, he is used to being an inside/outside dog. Kodi's new family will need to provide him with some obedience training and have a tall fence to keep him in the yard. His previous family had children ages 7 through 14. Kodi is housebroken and likes to walk on a leash and ride in cars. Kodi is a little shy when you first meet him, but quickly warms up to a gentle hand and calm voice. Kodi is still trying to understand why he is at the shelter, but he knows the shelter staff is doing everything to get him into a home that will be his forever.




Scooter is a 6-month-old beautiful neutered male Shepherd mix. He was turned over to the shelter because the owners already had two dogs when he wandered into their yard. Scooter is very calm for such a young dog. He just kind of takes everything in stride. When a visitor comes to the shelter and some of the other dogs start barking, he just looks around as if to say "What is all the noise about? Keep quiet and the humans will come and see you." His coat is medium length. His colors are black, brown and some white on his chest and neck. He has a great set of eyebrows and a very expressive face. Scooter will make a great family dog, his personality is A .




Shorty is a handsome 2-year-old neutered male black Shepherd mix. He has a sleek, short black/gray easy-care coat. Shorty is an active dog that requires both mental and physical exercise. He is a wonderful walker on leash and minds well. He is very loving when he has an outlet for his energy. Shorty lived in a quiet, adult home where he was allowed to sleep indoors. He's fine with kids, but like most dogs, he will chase after squirrels, cats and deer. He rides politely in the car. He may have great potential as an agility dog because he can clear fences in a single bound. He doesn't climb fences, he sails over them.

He will do well with a family that can take him with them wherever they go, or leave him in the house when they are gone.

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