17-Year-Old Tracks Down Mountain Lion Near Jake's Corner


Most know Amber Marshall as a hard-riding 17-year-old who has been barrel racing, pole bending and competing in gymkhanas since she was old enough to climb aboard a quarterhorse.

The reputation is well deserved since she's won buckles and hardware from most every equestrian event in the state, including the Payson Turn and Burn series, the Apache Gold Casino, Arizona State Fair and National Barrel Horse Association competitions.


Friends Brandon Hancock and Mickey Willig joined Amber Marshall on a successful lion hunt.

Marshall's status as a skilled outdoorswoman was recently enhanced when she tracked and downed a mountain lion between her home near Jake's Corner and Roosevelt Lake.

"It was my first lion and it was exciting," she said.

Adding luster to the thrill of the hunt is that Marshall trained the four hounds --oth Blue Tick and Walkers -- used to track the animal.

She remembers stalking the lion for miles upon miles through the hilly, rough, high-desert terrain until finally treeing him.

"It was a tough hunt," she said. "But, worth it."

The Tom measured 6-feet, 8-inches in length.

Along on the hunt was Micky Willig, Jeremy Johnson, Brandon Hancock and Bill Marshall, Amber's grandfather.

Amber's affinity for hunting and the outdoors comes as no surprise to those who know the teen.

After all, her father, Brian, is the owner of Unlimited Outfitters and is a longtime deer hunting guide in Mexico.

Her father and grandfather are both considered top-notch hunters and guides who have hosted seminars on bear and lion hunting and glassing.

In 2006, her older brother, Justen Williams, bagged a national record 5-by-4 Coues white-tailed deer, that received a whopping 131-6/8 points in the Safari Club International record books.

"I guess the outdoors kind of runs in our family," Amber said.

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