Global Warming Or Global Governance?



Well, I see old California is at it again, trying to steal our energy. They have informed our ACC that they (California) are filing a petition with the federal government to make another attempt to roll out the great extension cord from our power plants to their own in Palm Springs. Our ACC turned them down several months ago. Some people consider California a great leader in the environmental field, actually they are one big flop.

They made an attempt to impose their own car emission standards. The EPA denied California's request for a waiver of federal standards through which the state hoped to impose more draconian restrictions on automobile emissions in California.

Next, the California legislators tried to pass a bill which would require all new homes to have some sort of electronic devices installed in all new houses to automatically control the temperature in their homes from a central source. Fortunately, the bill failed.

Another one of California's environmental brilliant things to do was to establish a California Coastal Commission; this was done several years ago. It controls all activities within a five-mile or so area, of what you can or cannot do, with your own coastal property, from A to Z -- one must have the commission's approval.

California has painted itself into a corner with all its stupid environmental laws and regs. They have made these laws so controlling and restrictive that it is impossible for them to produce their own energy anymore. It's so bad, one can't even pass gas in that state without a permit from someone.

Speaking of gas, CO2 is a great gas. Without it, there would be no life.

Gore and all his fruitcakes say that CO2 is the cause of global warming. He needs a good book on "Chemistry for Dummies." Water vapor is the biggest greenhouse gas, not CO2. Water is 80 percent of the atmosphere, CO2 is less than 4 percent. We have a cyclic global warming, which is caused by sunspots and magnetism from the sun's surface. This sun activity heats up the Earth, the oceans, which in turn release the oceans' CO2 that is in solution and in limestone bedrock. Gore has been proven wrong in almost every one of his so-called causes. Gore, "There is a consensus, no more debate."

If there is such a consensus, then why was there a 2008 International Conference on Climate Change entitled "Global Warming: Truth or Swindle?" Hundreds of the world's leading scientists, economists and policy analysts explored key issues overlooked by advocates of the theory of manmade global warming. The conference was March 2 to March 4 in New York City.

You will probably never hear of this by the media.

If one wants to really know and understand global warming, I strongly suggest a new DVD produced by Michael S. Coffman ("Global Warming or Global Governance"). It is a one hour and 20 minute DVD. It answers all your questions on global warming, its politics and its future in an understandable way. The politics are scary, very scary -- it leads to the Kyoto Protocol, which in turn leads to the New World Order and global governance with loss of our sovereignty to the United Nations.

I will eventually donate the DVD to the Payson library, however, you may purchase this for $15 at or call toll-free (877) 271-7636. It's a must for the serious-minded who want to know the facts, not some horror story.

Ed Welge

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