New Town Web Site Aimed At Visitors


Payson's official new Web site could be just what the doctor ordered for dispelling the town's reputation as a "hole-in-the-wall" and pass-thru community.

As of yesterday morning, Payson has a new official Web site,, chocked full of just about anything a visitor could want to know about Payson and the Rim Country.

Director of Tourism and Economic Vitality Cameron Davis said the fledgling Web site highlights Payson's scenic mountain setting and rich western heritage.

The Web site's mission is to reverse the town's not so complimentary image in some quarters of the state, said Davis.

"I hate to tell you this, but most of the news and television people I spoke with in the course of putting the site together tell me that Payson is pretty much considered a ‘hole-in-the-wall' with the media," said Davis.

He hopes to eradicate that myth and showcase Payson as a desirable tourist destination using the Internet to reach as many people as possible at minimal cost.

To accomplish that, Davis created a site that includes virtually everything of interest to attract Web surfers.

He said the Internet is a resource Payson has not adequately tapped in the past.

He said the town's new Web site can go a long way to bringing more tourism dollars to Payson and the Rim Country.

With more than 300 pages for its inaugural appearance, Davis said he believes once visitors, and both local and out-of-town business owners get acquainted with the site, it will quickly grow to as many as 800 Web pages.

"We have a system so entities who want to be included on can just click a button and they will almost instantly be on the site," said Davis. "They can also create a link directing people to their site from ours."

The site already offers links showing visitors where they can eat, sleep, tour the town and where to go to see the natural beauty of Rim Country.

Davis said he hopes the site will show visitors that Payson is not just a "hole-in-the-wall" and that it has a multitude of attractions to suit virtually anyone's taste. highlights Payson's family-oriented atmosphere and events.

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