Unhappy About Gas Bill



This letter is about my gas bill.

The only thing I have in my house that is gas is the hot water heater and my cooking stove. I use cold water to wash my clothes. My bill for January was almost $200. My regular bill in the winter is $50. When I called the gas company they said it was (because of a) 42- or 48-day billing cycle. Even it was for three months, my bill should only be $150.

I had them come out and check the gas pipes and meter to see if there was a leak. They could not find one. Now I just got February bill and its $141.

How can this be? What is going on? My daughter's bill went from $250 to $450. That is as much as her house payment. I ask again, what's going on? How do we find out? If some one could let us know what to do about this.

Connie McClure

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