Use Wood For Fireplaces


I have just read in tonight's edition of the Roundup that the U.S.F.S. is planning to burn the piles of "brush" that have been cleared for a fire break around Pine and Strawberry. This is not only a stupid idea, it could be a tragic loss for people in our area who are having trouble keeping themselves warm this winter, to be denied a plentiful source of wood heat.

My wife and I went out to the area up from Hardscrabble Road in Pine to let our dogs vent some pent-up energy. We happened into the "firebreak" area, and for as far as we could see were piles of "brush" waiting to be burned.

But these were anything but "piles of brush." In all of my years of searching the woods for firewood for the winter, I have never found such a bonanza as this one ... destined to be wasted. There are pine logs, juniper logs and oak logs (and not small ones) waiting to be hauled to a needy family, or sold for the same family, that are simply to smoke up our communities, and serve no useful purpose.

And guess what? Then the Forest Service will only have small branches to burn.

My wife and I would further suggest that when the U.S.F.S. does control burns, that they should really try not to kill the live trees and bushes that are near the burn. There is now an entire grove of trees which are dead in an area already burned, which have now become fuel themselves.

Hoop and Lisa Bramoff


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